Terms & Conditions

Please read through our terms and conditions before making any bookings with us.


There is currently a restriction of 1 person per dog plus 1 spectator when attending classes. If a young person under the age of 16 is attending the class then they must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will need to remain nearby for the duration of the class.

If your dog is struggling with the learning environment then you may be asked to provide better options for them. We will offer you an alternative learning option, be that remote learning or 1-to-1 sessions until they are ready to rejoin. We want them to learn without distress.

  • DO NOT approach other dogs during training as this causes unwanted distractions. Even if you know them, please ask and do not just assume as they may be in the midst of training.
  • Dogs must be kept away from other dogs during class unless instructed otherwise by the trainer. Not all dogs feel safe with another dog close within their space.
  • Flexi/ extendable leads are not permitted during class to avoid injury to others. Ask us about alternatives.
  • You must report any accident or injury to the trainers at the time they occur. The trainers are trained in Canine First Aid and are able to offer some medical assistance until Veterinary help arrives.
  • If your dog has been in contact with a dog infected with a contagious disease such as Kennel Cough please inform us and refrain from attending until it is certain your dog has not become ill too.
  • If your dog has had a Kennel Cough vaccination please wait 14 days before attending class as it is a live vaccine.
  • If your bitch is in season, about to begin or has just finished, please let us know. Please note that in-season bitches will not be permitted to attend classes due to the distraction this may cause to other dogs.
  • Entire males are welcome to class, as are intact females. Please note that modern behaviour and veterinary science has shown that neutering/sterilisation for behavioural reasons has the potential to create other behavioural problems rather than resolve them. Please discuss this at length with your vet before making any decisions regarding neutering.

If you are unsure whether it is OK to attend, please do not hesitate to contact us or your Vet for advice. Dogs who are unable to attend class can continue their training at home, as owners are more than welcome to attend to keep up to date with their training skills. 

We provide 3 months telephone/email support as part of our one-to-one training/behaviour package. Please note that the onus is on you, the client, to make use of this by sending us updates/questions via email or telephoning us when you require support. Through the Dog's Eyes are not responsible for chasing you for up. The 3 month period starts from the date of your first consultation.

If you book our 121 training/behaviour package then the follow-up sessions included after the initial consultation must be taken within 3 months of the initial consultation, unless otherwise agreed beforehand with your Through the Dog's Eyes trainer/behaviourist.



Relationship and Responsibilities

You must inform us of any past and current physical or behavioural issues plus bite history etc when booking with Through the Dog’s Eyes. All questions during training sessions, behaviour sessions, assessments, initial consultations or phone calls must be answered honestly so that we are able to form a clear understanding of your dog’s needs and provide the appropriate support in the safest way. 

You understand there are often no quick fixes and that it can take time and hard work to help modify a dog’s behaviour. You also acknowledge that some behaviours can only be modified and not totally changed. You also recognise that control and management is often the best option to remove stress and unwanted behaviours.

You assume sole responsibility for the behaviour of your dog and forever release, hold harmless, and indemnify Through the Dog’s Eyes from any harm or damage caused by you or your dog to any person or persons or property at any time. Furthermore, you expressly and irrevocably forever waive and relinquish any and all claims against Through the Dog’s Eyes. You understand that the trainers at Through the Dog’s Eyes are in no way responsible for the behaviour of you dog during or after training.

You recognise that the services offered are designed to provide science led, force free advice and suggested protocols to follow to aid in training and behavioural modification. The onus is on you the client to do the work needed and to follow the guidance given.

If at any time during the training, the trainers at Through the Dog’s Eyes reasonably believe that a dog is ill, abused, exhibiting aggressive, fearful, compulsive, anxious, phobic, or any behaviours that may interfere or endanger the health and safety of any participants or bystanders, including the dog, you agree that they may unilaterally end any training session. The dog’s welfare is always paramount. Some sessions may be cut short if the dog is exhibiting high levels of stress. This can be decided by the trainer or by you or any of the dog's guardians.

You understand that your participation and involvement is a key part of accomplishing the agreed-upon goals and objectives. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they attend on the correct date, time and location for the service you have booked.

During training sessions, your dog must be attended to and cared for at all times, kept under control on-lead (unless otherwise specifically instructed by the trainers) and cleaned up after.


Booking and cancelling services

To book, contact us via email, telephone, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or through the website enquiry section with a brief description of your dog's behaviour and training so far so that we can find the best service for you and your dog's needs. We will then ask if we require any further information and advise you if we have provisionally held a place for you. Full prepayment will be required to secure a place on any of our training courses or for behaviour consultations.

When booking a course, please make every effort to attend each session, even if you attend without your dog should they be unable to join us, you will learn regardless! If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

To cancel a booking with more than 2 week’s notice, you will receive a full refund. When cancelling with less than 2 week’s notice no refunds will be given to ensure money is not lost when covering venue hire, staff, equipment and time. If there is a genuine reason to cancel or postpone please do explain as discretions can be made. Partial refunds are not offered for missed classes. Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. Please speak with us directly.

You understand and agree that we reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time and refund your money in full or in part without any further liability or obligation to you. 

If a class or workshop is to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, a refund will not automatically be given but every effort will be made to rearrange a replacement training session as soon as possible. 

If you have booked a 121 package with us and decide after your initial consultation not to continue with the follow-up sessions then no refund, or partial refund, will be given. Should you wish to cancel the 121 package​ prior to the date of the initial consultation then 1 week's notice must be given. Cancellations within 1 week prior to the date of the initial consultation will not be refunded.



Privacy Policy


Through the Dog’s Eyes training classes, workshops and consultations are often documented to record progress. Photos and videos are shared on the Through the Dog’s Eyes social media accounts to celebrate your achievements - by enrolling you agree for us to share publicly. Please let us know if you would like your dog’s achievements to be kept private.

Any information you provide will be regarded as confidential, and will not be shared with a third party without your consent unless the law enforcement or RSPCA does request it. Your details will be filed securely and added to each time we work together. You have the right to see all records we keep and can request they are destroyed at any time. Your records are kept both digitally and also in paper files. Records are kept for 3 months after you finish using our services. 


Code of Conduct


Through the Dog’s Eyes training methods are centered around Positive Reinforcement which strengthens wanted behaviour through rewards, and Negative Punishment to reduce unwanted behaviour by removing what the dog finds rewarding such as treats, toys and attention.

Through the Dog’s Eyes applies and advocates the use of reward-based training and behaviour equipment such as a clicker/marker, food, toys, agility equipment, body harness, flat collar, basket muzzle, training lines, Bach remedies, essential oils and flower essences. Aversive training methods and equipment designed to 'correct'/punish are never used and are not permitted while your dog is receiving training/ treatment with Through the Dog’s Eyes.

The following methods are NOT PERMITTED: physical force, lead-jerking, kneeing, prodding, shouting etc.

The following equipment is NOT PERMITTED: prong collars, choke/half-choke collars, citronella, check-chains, fabric muzzles, Electronic Training Devices (shock collars), spray bottles, shaking bottles, air canisters, anything that causes pain or discomfort to the dog, or anything the trainer feels is unacceptable. If these have been your methods up until now, let us know and we can offer effective alternatives to avoid further problems.

We uphold a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, this includes rudeness; should we witness or hear of any negative comments towards another person or their dog we will take action. We are here to have fun and train our dogs, anyone purposely disrupting this for others will be asked to leave and not be refunded. If an issue arises with another student please tell your trainer so attempts can be made to resolve it.