People training for dogs

At Through the Dog's Eyes we are passionate about helping you to communicate effectively with your dog and form a relationship based on trust, understanding and mutual respect, via classes and 121 training and behavioural consultations. Our services are offered in Burntwood, Staffordshire, and the surrounding areas. Our training is designed to help you to understand your dog better and teach appropriate behaviours so that you and your dog can have a happy future together.

Our Services

Training classes


We offer a variety of classes to suit varying ages and abilities, in Stonnall and Walsall Wood. For more information, see our classes page.

Up to 80% of behavioural issues can be influenced and directly affected by pain.


This holistic behavioural assessment includes examining everything from the way your dog moves, to their overall posture and even the way they eat, drink and sleep.

A detailed report is prepared for your vet for further investigation.

This service can be offered alongside our behaviour package or as a stand-alone if you are already working with a behaviourist.

From £200.00

More information

One-to-one Training/Behaviour Package

We offer help with a variety of issues, including:

Walking nicely on lead

Coming back when called

Resource guarding

Reactivity to people or other dogs

Separation anxiety

Our package includes:

A pre-session questionnaire

An initial consultation at home or a mutually agreed location (typically lasting around an hour)

A written action plan

2 Follow-up sessions afterwards

 A training treat package 

3 months free telephone/email support.


Further follow-up sessions £40 each


Therapy work


Our therapy dogs are primarily our pets, they have had no specific training but are well behaved and enjoy peoples' company and have had assessments that recognise their suitability in such venues as schools, care homes, hospitals, hospices, libraries, airports, courts etc.

They provide comfort, reassurance, a sense of purpose, a bridge of communication and a chance to be tactile all without fear of judgement or misunderstanding. 

If you would like our dogs to attend your school, or other establishment, or to find out a bit more about what we do then please contact us.

Areas Covered

We cover areas within a 5 mile radius of Burntwood postcode WS7 4RU

If you require help outside of this area then mileage will be charged @ £1.00 per mile each way, per visit.

Welcome Home Puppy Package

(Puppies under 6 months)


This is the ideal option for those who have brought home a new puppy and want to ensure that they get the right start.


1 x home consultation plus a written training/action plan

A place on one of our 6-week puppy courses

A puppy training book 

A training treat package 


Follow-up sessions £40.00 each

KAD - Kids Around Dogs


Do you have a child who is frightened of dogs?

Would you like professional help to assist them with overcoming their fear? 

As a qualified KAD (Kids Around Dogs) trainer, Sarah is trained to use a specific protocol to overcome the fear of dogs in children.

She can also offer help if you are expecting a baby and want to prepare your dog for the new arrival, or perhaps you already have children and will soon be bringing home a new dog.

For more information on what a KAD trainer can offer, please visit the KAD website